Too often POS data is locked inside a technology “solution” abandoned by the vendor after — over even before — the implementation.

I witnessed this predictable and unfortunate situation again last month as we worked with a salon and spa company that is facing several challenges:

  • Their point-of-sale (POS) system is not working as needed to run and manage the business,
  • They can’t get critical POS data out of the system,
  • The POS data comes out in four separate files when extracting detailed transactions, requiring the files to be merged together for a complete picture of a single transaction,
  • Extracted data must be manipulated manually in Excel for reporting, requiring days worth of time each month, and
  • Reports based on POS data are not calculating key metrics correctly, like customer retention.

In addition, as we began data mining and analysis on their POS data, we found several more challenges to their business:

  • The lists of products and services have a tremendous amount of duplication in them, resulting in a lot of work to maintain and use these lists in the POS,
  • The four exported transaction files had columns of column headings rather than a row of column headings at the top of the files (I had never seen file formats quite like these),
  • The POS transaction ID was unique only within each store, and
  • Additional challenges that are common with data from transactional systems.

These people are incredibly capable business people and creative hair stylists, but they are not IT people, nor should they have to be.

Enter The iBLeague™–a software solution with a unique combination of scorecards, community, and coaching.  Even more critical are the services we provide for members to get the most out of their data and technology:

  • Our unique ability to get POS data out of transactional systems, like POS systems.  If your systems are capturing it, we can get it out.
  • Our unique ability to transform POS data into clean and extremely valuable information.
  • Our unique ability to simplify mountains of POS data into the key metrics that really matter–to people at every level of the organization in a way that is relevant to them.

From just the initial work we have done, this company can already:

  1. See two and half years of trends and history
  2. Quickly analyze their key metrics by salon, employee, service or retail product, and department
  3. Easily compare one salon to another or one employee to another
  4. Benchmark one salon, department, or employee against a company average or a company goal
  5. Do ad hoc data mining to identify which customers have not been retained, determine why they left, and cost-effectively target new promotions to get them back

In short, The iBLeague™ is unlocking their current POS data while making sense out of their salon and spa business.

Question: How would you rate your POS system’s ability to support confident decision-making across your company?  You can leave a comment below.