29Mar, 2015

Data and Technology as Business Accelerators

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“When used right, data and technology become accelerators of momentum, not a creator of it…for the simple reason that you cannot make good use of data and technology until you know which data and technologies […]

28Oct, 2014

Move to New Software, Quickly and Easily

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Technology seems to drive business, but all too often technology actually holds you hostage. With new software options available today, replacing old applications can be done quickly and easily.
For instance,

You worry more about your system crashing than […]

24May, 2013

This Software is “Just the Coolest!”

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Most business people do not have the following reactions when evaluating new software:  “I love this,” “so exciting,” “wow,” “unbelievable,” “this is just the coolest!”
Last week, one of The iBLeague™ beta clients had all of […]