29Mar, 2015

Data and Technology as Business Accelerators

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“When used right, data and technology become accelerators of momentum, not a creator of it…for the simple reason that you cannot make good use of data and technology until you know which data and technologies […]

22Feb, 2015

Is Your Company Culture Conducive to Greatness?

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All companies have a culture, some companies have discipline, but few companies have a culture of discipline.” – Jim Collins, Good to Great
As we continue discussing Jim Collins’ determining factors for going from good to […]

15Jan, 2015

Operations Greatness

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In Good to Great, Jim Collins claims that one of the key determinants of operations greatness is the central idea that “each good-to-great company attained a deep understanding of the key drivers in its economic […]

8Dec, 2014

Financial Reporting Shows the Brutal Facts

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If it takes your company a week or more to complete monthly financial reporting, I can almost guarantee that your reporting is manual, copy-paste into Excel, tedious, error-prone, and entirely ineffective for managing your business, much less […]