We are thrilled to announce our most recent member of The iBLeagueTM — The Association of Taco John’s Franchisees (ATJF)!

When we first engaged with the ATJF, they were looking for a way to reduce the significant manual effort of consolidating performance numbers and benchmarks across the Association as part of their annual operating profits study. This was, in part, due to the various operational systems used and the many different ways the franchisees account for business items.

Gary Wofford, Executive Director of the ATJF, stated, “Having completed three previous studies manually, we know first-hand the many man hours involved in gathering and compiling meaningful data.”  With 324 franchised units to gather and manipulate data for, this was certainly no small feat!  Wofford adds, “We are confident that our affiliation with The iBLeagueTM and the introduction of its personalized business metrics and analytics software will allow us to enjoy improved efficiencies and a more streamlined process for gathering critical data to identify profit improvement opportunities.”

The three biggest opportunities the ATJF wants to focus on include:

  1. Improving the performance across the Association
  2. Providing intelligence to prospective franchisees, something other brands don’t do
  3. Providing assistance to current and prospective franchisees that Taco John’s International is not allowed to do

The franchisee members are looking forward to the ability to access and contrast their own data with others. They will also be able to view trend data from the work done for previous studies and have scorecards generate automatically for each participating restaurant. The ATJF will now have the flexibility to do benchmarking studies annually, quarterly, or even monthly for those who desire it since The iBLeagueTMcaptures data directly from the Association members.

Tim Brands, CEO of iBusiness Solutions, says, “The ATJF has a strong history of supporting its members….By joining The iBLeagueTM, they are again showing the industry leadership and support of its members by allowing franchisees to easily see their performance compared to brand benchmarks and identify opportunities for productivity, profitability, and predictability within their businesses. Even small improvements to these areas can provide business owners significant freedom in and from their business.”

We are excited to see how the Association will make decisions towards growth and influence the company as a whole as they implement The iBLeagueTM into more of its restaurants and prosper from its analytical insights.