Most business people do not have the following reactions when evaluating new software:  “I love this,” “so exciting,” “wow,” “unbelievable,” “this is just the coolest!”

Last week, one of The iBLeague™ beta clients had all of these reactions and more when they saw their data in our breakthrough application.  By contrast, many business owners, managers, and entire departments focus on cost controls more than value creation. Technology is seen as an expense necessary to keep from falling behind. Investments focus on process automation (e.g. point-of-sale) and efficiency (e.g. labor scheduling), and rarely generate the feedback we heard last week.

Our beta client is seeing plenty of tactical opportunities for:

  • Process automation (e.g. automated reporting),
  • Efficiencies (e.g. communication across multiple locations), and
  • Cost-savings (e.g. reallocating 2.5 FTEs to more value-added work).

But more importantly, they are seeing strategic opportunities for:

  • Increasing profitability (e.g. increasing retail sales as a percentage of total sales),
  • Increasing productivity (e.g. increasing number of new clients), and
  • Increasing predictability (e.g. increasing customer retention).

In Good to Great, Jim Collins describes technology “as an accelerator of momentum…that can turn unrealized potential into results.”

With the launch of The iBLeague™, you can turn potential into results by finally solving some real problems:

  1. Your data is holding you back because you can’t easily get at the data trapped inside your POS, timecard, payroll, and other systems. If you can extract data into a CSV or Excel file, we can load it and deliver it to you and your employees in personalized scorecards and reports in a matter of days to weeks.
  2. You can’t communicate effectively because not everyone checks their voice mail and email, and you can’t quickly text everyone.  With The iBLeague™, you’ll have a secured social media community for your company in which to dialogue with your employees.
  3. You can’t quickly take corrective action because reports are often too big and two weeks late.  With The iBLeague™, you can visually and quickly see where performance is not meeting expectations and provide online coaching for your employees.

We invite you to join The iBLeague™ today!  Soon, you too, will be turning unrealized potential into results and saying, “this is the coolest!”

Question: What is your biggest area of unrealized potential that you want to turn into results?  Post a comment below.