27Feb, 2014

When it’s Better to Receive than it is to Give

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My family was recently discussing Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages® when my 13-year-old son stated, “my love language must be ‘gifts’ because I like to get things.”  And it’s true; we all enjoy receiving […]

13Dec, 2013

A Few Good Metrics

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How many metrics do you need to truly understand what’s happening in your business?  The answer may vary, but generally fewer metrics is better than more.
Last time I wrote about business lessons learned in a soccer video.  Another […]

18Oct, 2013

Self-Inflicted Data Quality Problems!

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Poor data quality, software problems, and the resulting sense of despair are often self-inflicted.  Fortunately, the fix is easier to implement than many people realize.
On a typical data and analytics project, somewhere between 60% to 80% of […]

14Sep, 2013

Data and Analytics Success for the CFO

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In survey after survey, CFOs rank data and analytics as their highest priority for capital expenditures. This has been true for years, both before and during the current recession and usually regardless of industry or […]

31Aug, 2013

Easy Ways to Know and Grow Revenue

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Our clients’ data often sheds a lot of light on the good, the bad, and the ugly of their business.  With the ugly, the chain of reactions is predictable:  first a sigh of resignation as […]

23Jul, 2013

Unlock Your POS Data to Make Sense of Your Business

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Too often POS data is locked inside a technology “solution” abandoned by the vendor after — over even before — the implementation.
I witnessed this predictable and unfortunate situation again last month as we worked with a salon […]

5Jun, 2013

Work-Life Balance is Way Overrated

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A well-rounded individual is able to balance and even integrate their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.  For the past seven years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to see work-life balance come together in […]

24May, 2013

This Software is “Just the Coolest!”

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Most business people do not have the following reactions when evaluating new software:  “I love this,” “so exciting,” “wow,” “unbelievable,” “this is just the coolest!”
Last week, one of The iBLeague™ beta clients had all of […]

19Apr, 2013

Winning with Metrics

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If the idea of using metrics and statistics to gain a competitive advantage has been around for decades, why does this concept remain so under-utilized by so many organizations?
Maybe more business owners and managers need […]