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Tim is the founder & CEO of iBusiness Solutions. He's a maximizer and finds incredible joy in combining spheres and interests of his life to help others realize a bigger future. He is also passionate about his faith, family, and flying.
5Aug, 2015

Solving the Missing Link Between Education and Workforce Data

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Accurately linking data from disparate systems and sources is often the most challenging aspect of any business analytics or big data initiative.  This challenge grows exponentially when the data being linked is sourced from many different organizations […]

29Mar, 2015

Data and Technology as Business Accelerators

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“When used right, data and technology become accelerators of momentum, not a creator of it…for the simple reason that you cannot make good use of data and technology until you know which data and technologies […]

22Feb, 2015

Is Your Company Culture Conducive to Greatness?

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All companies have a culture, some companies have discipline, but few companies have a culture of discipline.” – Jim Collins, Good to Great
As we continue discussing Jim Collins’ determining factors for going from good to […]

15Jan, 2015

Operations Greatness

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In Good to Great, Jim Collins claims that one of the key determinants of operations greatness is the central idea that “each good-to-great company attained a deep understanding of the key drivers in its economic […]

8Dec, 2014

Financial Reporting Shows the Brutal Facts

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If it takes your company a week or more to complete monthly financial reporting, I can almost guarantee that your reporting is manual, copy-paste into Excel, tedious, error-prone, and entirely ineffective for managing your business, much less […]

4Nov, 2014

Analytics is the #1 Priority for Competitive Companies in 2015

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Big data and analytics routinely top the list of priorities for business executives. A recent survey from Accenture show just how much of a priority analytics is for competitive companies in 2015.
The survey “How the Industrial Internet is Changing […]

28Oct, 2014

Move to New Software, Quickly and Easily

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Technology seems to drive business, but all too often technology actually holds you hostage. With new software options available today, replacing old applications can be done quickly and easily.
For instance,

You worry more about your system crashing than […]

9Sep, 2014

Eliminate Data Quality Problems Created by POS Systems

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A look at a specific example of how a POS (point-of-sale) system created data quality problems, adding complexity to the company’s reporting and operations.
Whenever we work with a new client, either with our software product, The iBLeague™, […]

4Jun, 2014

Taco John’s Franchisees Join The iBLeague™

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We are thrilled to announce our most recent member of The iBLeagueTM — The Association of Taco John’s Franchisees (ATJF)!
When we first engaged with the ATJF, they were looking for a way to reduce the […]

20May, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Taco John’s Franchise Joins The iBLeague

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Contact: Tim Brands
iBusiness Solutions (612-730-7404)

The Association of Taco John’s Franchisees Joins The iBLeague™, Performance Management Software of iBusiness Solutions
Personalized business analytics and financial forecasting software helps quick service restaurants measure and compare performance […]