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What is The Intelligent Business Program®?

Ready-to-Implement Processes

Easy and Proven Best Practices Ready-to-Implement for Tangible Business Results Fast.

Actionable Data and Scorecards

Quickly and Visually Communicate, Influence, and Anticipate What is Really Happening in Your Business.

Easy-to-Use, Cloud-Based Technologies

Cost-Effective and Sustainable Tools to Support your Business. The Way Technology is Supposed to Be.


Your Intelligent Business

Toolkits from The Intelligent Business Program®.  A new era in integrated best practices for small to mid-sized companies. Combines ready-to-implement business processes with the power of actionable data and easy-to-use, cloud-based technologies to accelerate your business.

Designed, developed, and implemented by an entrepreneur, Strategic Coach client, and EOS Integrator with more than 25 years of experience leveraging data and technology to accelerate business results.

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Your Operating System + Our Toolkits = Accelerated Results

The Intelligent Business Program® is designed for entrepreneurs, EOS Integrators, and COOs who need to see real progress fast. Built from lessons learned the hard way, The Intelligent Business Program® is the perfect complement to EOS Traction, The Strategic Coach, 4DX, The Emyth, and other business operating systems and sales systems.

5 Quick and Easy Toolkits (with more on the way!)


Know what is happening in your business:

  • Communicate past results through visual scorecards with actionable insights
  • Influence your team through data-driven decisions and benchmarking
  • Anticipate future opportunities through trends, budgets, and forecasts


Recruit and hire candidates with:

  • The Wisdom to be the leaders you need
  • The Understanding to catch and execute on your vision
  • The Knowledge to see how they fit into your vision
  • The Skills to execute their responsibilities with excellence


Transform your data into an enterprise asset:

  • Capture the right data in the right format to conduct business but more importantly to drive your business forward
  • Manage your data across all of your systems to create a true enterprise asset with real business value
  • Analyze the data locked away in your operational systems to finally realize the promises of data and technology


Identify, discuss, and solve your issues:

  • Capture your issues for everyone to see
  • Collaborate by having team members comment on issues, rank issues, and upload attachments to specific issues
  • Eliminate time-consuming email threads
  • Assign ownership of issues and dates for discussion or resolution
  • Create tasks within the issue for implementation of the solution
  • Document resolution and archive it for reference

IT Projects

Complete IT projects successfully:

  • Focus on creating business value
  • Plan strategically, build incrementally™
  • Bridge the gap that often exists between the business and IT
  • Eliminate the complexity of data and technology

Want More?

We welcome your questions and ideas. Please contact us if:

  • You are looking for something a little different
  • You have an idea for something new
  • You need something custom-built for you

Next-Level Business Operating Systems

Toolkits from The Intelligent Business Program® turn great theory into best practices without forcing you to create everything from scratch. Move your business forward by implementing actionable scorecards and measurables, hiring A-players, and successfully completing your IT projects on-time and on-budget. In the process, keep all of your people, processes, data, and systems aligned with your vision, plans, goals, and rocks.

Implement and execute the concepts in today’s most popular business coaching and business operating systems, including:

  • EOS Traction
  • The Strategic Coach
  • 4DX
  • The Emyth
  • Franchiseed Businesses
  • and more
Association of Taco John's Franchisees

Personalized scorecards help quick service restaurants measure and compare performance in annual operating profit study.

With over 400 restaurants located in 25 states, Taco John’s is one of the largest Mexican restaurant brands in America.

The Association of Taco John’s Franchisees compares franchisees’ restaurant performance to brand benchmarks to identify opportunities for increased productivity, profitability, and predictability within their business.

Press Release
Gary Wofford, The Association of Taco John's Franchisees
The introduction of The Intelligent Business Program’s personalized business metrics and analytics software allows us to enjoy improved efficiencies and a more streamlined process for gathering critical trend data to identify profit improvement opportunities. Franchisees find added value as they access and contrast their own data with others, and prospective franchisees have access to real-world numbers from actual operating restaurants. This also supports the accuracy and reality of forecasts and pro forma statements provided to lenders.
Gary Wofford, The Association of Taco John's Franchisees
Tim Brands, iBusiness Solutions
Even small improvements in productivity, profitability, and predictability can provide business owners significant freedom in and from their business. The Intelligent Business Program Toolkits provide business owners, COOs, and EOS Integrators with ready-to-implement processes and tools to execute what their business coaches see as necessary to improve their company’s performance in the key areas of measurables and scorecards, people and hiring, and data and technology projects.
Tim Brands, iBusiness Solutions

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