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What is The iBLeague™?

Metrics, Analytics, Big Data

Get your data. Use your data.

Financial reports
Marketing and sales data
Customer satisfaction surveys
POS/PMS/transactional data

Metrics, Analytics, Big Data

Mind your own business.

Data organized your way
Metrics calculated your way
Business seen your way
All in one place

Metrics, Analytics, Big Data

Know, influence, anticipate.

Scorecards and trends
Reporting and analytics
Budgets and benchmarks
Coaching and collaboration

Metrics, Analytics, Big Data

Clarity, confidence, freedom.

Know with clarity
Decide with confidence
Capitalize on opportunities
Find freedom in your business

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The iBLeague™ Solutions


Performance management for the business owner, executive, and business coach
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Financial consolidation, financial reporting, and budgeting for the CFO and anyone responsible for a P&L or budget
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Marketing analytics across all platforms and campaigns such as Web, social media, and customer loyalty
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Sales analytics and forecasting for the sales executive, sales coach, producer, and channel manager
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A brand management and benchmarking system for the Franchisor, Franchisee Association, and Owner/Operator
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A communication and coaching system for the COO, call center, service delivery, customer support, and more
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A big data system for the CIO, BI Manager, and anyone responsible for data management and business analytics
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Custom application development services for your unique business intelligence and data warehousing needs
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The iBusiness Family

Association of Taco John's Franchisees

Personalized business analytics and financial forecasting software helps quick service restaurants measure and compare performance in annual operating profit study.

Press Release
The introduction of The iBLeague’s personalized business metrics and analytics software will allow us to enjoy improved efficiencies and a more streamlined process for gathering critical trend data to identify profit improvement opportunities. Franchisees find added value as they access and contrast their own data with others, and prospective franchisees have access to real-world numbers from actual operating restaurants. This also supports the accuracy and reality of forecasts and pro forma statements provided to lenders.
Gary Wofford, The Association of Taco John's Franchisees
Even small improvements in productivity, profitability, and predictability can provide business owners significant freedom in and from their business. The iBLeague provides business owners, business executives, and business coaches with the clarity and confidence to make the decisions necessary to improve their company’s performance in these three areas.  And, we will never abandon you with data or a technology that doesn’t work for you.
Tim Brands, iBusiness Solutions

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